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European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR)

The European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR), founded in 1970, is a non-profit organization promoting basic and clinical science related to dermatology. The ESDR is the largest investigative dermatology society in Europe with a current membership of over 1200.

By supporting investigative dermatology, the ESDR contributes towards improving the health of patients suffering from skin and venereal disease. Applications of recent scientific advances have produced diagnostic and therapeutic innovations in dermatological practice, particularly in genetics, skin cancer, allergic skin disease, infectious disease and autoimmune diseases.

Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology (JSID)

 The mission of the Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology (JSID) is to advance the position of dermatology in the interdisciplinary world and to enhance the quality of science and research presentations in dermatology for the purposes of maintaining healthy skin and further advancing the treatment of skin diseases. 

At the JSID, we promote academic research concerning the physiology, function and pathology of skin and related organs, tissues and cells as well as diseases, conditions, and treatments. We are also committed to cultivating young dermatologists and are involved in the globalization of dermatological research. The Society publishes the Journal of Dermatological Science, an international publication dedicated to all aspects of dermatological science.

Korean Society for Investigative Dermatology (KSID)

 The KSID was founded in 1991, with the purpose of achieving scientific excellence in dermatological research, science communication and supporting career development of cutaneous biologists from academia and industry, both domestic and overseas. KSID’s activities include annual scientific meeting in the spring, annual research camp in the fall, and publishing its official journal, Annals of Dermatology. 

Our annual scientific meeting is held in late March or early April of every year. Its official language is English since 2009. The scientific program includes invited lectures and research presentations either in oral or poster forms. Since 2010, the official journal of KSID has been Annals of Dermatology, published jointly with Korean Dermatological Association. The Journal is issued bimonthly (6 times a year). It’s indexed in science citation index expanded.

Society for Investigative Dermatology (SID)

 The SID was founded in 1937 to disseminate information on skin research, investigate new therapeutic options for skin disease, and nurture the next generation of Dermatologists and researchers. Its mission is ‘to advance and promote the sciences relevant to skin health and disease through education, advocacy, and scholarly exchange of scientific information’. 

Investigative Dermatology is becoming more broadly recognized as a critical path for understanding many systemic diseases, and the aspects of co-morbid disease associations that require team science and multidisciplinary care. The SID annual meeting is considered the one of the premier education forums for emergent data in skin research. The Society provides a variety of programs specifically for trainees-Dermatology Residents and PhDs. Since 1938, the SID had published the top-ranked Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

Taiwanese Society for Investigative Dermatology (TSID)

 The TSID was founded in 2006 with 100 members initially, followed by a rapid growth in membership over the past 7 years. The advancement of investigative dermatology and cutaneous biology is the primary and core value and mission of TSID. Currently, TSID has 230 members from different biomedical research institutions in Taiwan and nine of them have been elected as the board of directors by all members for a 3-year term. 

TSID has been organizing a number of academic activities each year since its establishment. The annual meetings were regularly held in late May or early June during 2006-2013, which were generally half-day events and were usually composed of several invited special lectures given by distinguished researchers from all over the world and also included presentations of research papers. In addition, TSID was also conducting scientific sessions during the annual meetings of Taiwanese Dermatological Association (TDA) held in the third weekend of November, and since 2014, TSID has been holding its annual meetings in conjunction with the annual meetings of TDA. English has been the official language and all submitted research papers must be unpublished work and were blind peer-reviewed by the Committee of the Academic Research Section. All the abstracts were published in the program books in both Chinese and English

Associate Member

Australasian Society for Dermatology Research (ASDR)

 The ASDR holds an annual meeting program over a three-day period.  The sessions presented allow for interaction and information exchange between doctors treating patients with skin disorders and scientists working in the field of cutaneous research.

Goals and objectives of the ASDR are to: Promote scientific research in dermatology, skin biology and allied subjects through the study of individual humans, animals and model systems. Provide a forum for interaction and information exchange between doctors treating patients with disorders of the skin and scientists working in the field of cutaneous research; Enhance the treatment of people with disorders of the skin through making available the latest advances in research and diagnostic techniques: Investigate possible sources of funding for skin research; and to establish links with the International Skin Research Societies. In addition to establishing formal links with these societies, The Australasian Society of Dermatology Research would aim to participate in joint meetings.