Application Form

The International Societies for Investigative Dermatology (ISID) is accepting applications for new members. The Application form details the member categories, eligibility, annual dues and required documentation.

Reminder: The deadlines for application cycles are March 31  and  August  31 each year. These are reviewed during ISID  Board meetings.

You can complete an online form here.

An electronic version of the form can be downloaded here.


Meeting Format

Recent meeting programs and research abstracts for the past 7 years; meetings must have been in English for at least the 3 prior years. If your meeting has not been held in English for that period of time, please provide an English translation for review.

            Review criteria include:

·      Abstracts must contain original research

·      Program must have content that is primarily abstract driven; ie, >50%

·      Clear English language content

·      The duration of the scientific meetings needs to be at least 1 ½ days

The ISID Board will request testimonials from applicant organizations regarding general use of English language.

Abstract Review and Selection

            Review criteria include:

·      Transparency of the review process.

·      The composition of the review committee must be documented in the program book.

·      The criteria for judging abstracts and the method of selection of the committee must be described in the application packet

·      Abstract review must be blinded

·      50% of the meeting content must be from abstracts of unpublished work

Member Demographics

Review criteria include: 

·      Membership must be accessible to a cross section of skin scientists in the applying country

·      Membership base must be geographically distributed in an appropriate relationship to the applicant society                                 

Financial Support (from previous 3 meetings)

Review criteria include:       

·      Clear, coherent profit and loss statement must be included in application packet for review

·      Sources of Income must be documented

·      Sponsors must be described, and their level of support for the meeting indicated

·      If significant revenues come from sponsors, there must be multiple sponsors

·      Clear conflict of interest policies must be published and followed by the applicant organization

·      Income sources, policies and sponsorship must be consistent with standards of core societies 

The Board of Directors of the applicant society must have approved application to become ISID member, with explicit agreement not to hold an annual meeting in the year of ISID.

·      A signed letter from board of applicant organization must be included in the application packet.